We did a WiFi install yesterday. 3 Storey house, with poor reception in the kitchen and none on the third floor.

This was a really easy fix. Ran a couple of cables, and added two Access Points (AP).

From the Users Perspective:

They have one wireless network and no matter where they go, it works. Same Network Name (SSID) etc.


It is so easy to get this wrong, so remember these simple steps:

1) Use a WiFi Analyser to work out where to place your APs. They should not overlap no more than 2 bars.

2) They should run on different channels, but the same SSID and Password. The client machine will work which AP is stronger.

3) Use the power settings to control overlap. You may need to reduce power, to reduce overlap.

4) Remember, WiFi slows down when devices are on the limit of range, and this will affect all devices connected to that AP.

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