WiFi – FAQ – Guidance

Not all WiFi Solutions are the same.

Here is a guide to get a understanding of WiFi, and what makes a good WiFi solution and what does not.

The Best WiFi Solution

Run Cables. Have a WiFi Controller. These two things are what make a good WiFi Solution.

When designing a WiFi Solution, from home or a business space, running cables will provide the best solution, although not always possible, this is simply the best way to extend the range of WiFi.

Having a controller. Having a WiFi Controller inplace, allows management and monitoring of the WiFi Network. A good controller will be monitoring and adjusting your network to improve performance without you knowing. Thus Providing the Best WiFi Network possible.

WiFi Extenders / Boosters

WiFi Extenders, that work without using cables, and “extend” WiFi.

They these devices work is by repeating the information they see on to your WiFi Network.

This solution, extends the WiFi network, but actually slows the speed of the network down. Without going to techie, this is due to the way WiFi networks work.

Homeplug / Powerlines

There are devices that are out there which can provide an internet connection over power cables. These can provide a solution when running cables is an impossibly, they should be used with caution, and with these practical tips:

  1. they are only as good as your electrical cabling, old or bad cabling will result in a poor connectivity
  2. Get the fasted devices you can afford, ideally above 1000Mbps.
  3. Stick to one manufacturer, you can mix and match, and it will work, it is just sometimes the results can be unpredictable.
  4. The more devices you add, the slower it will get. These devices “Share bandwidth” so if you have a lot of them, it will slow them down.

Generally speaking, we would avoid using these and where possible run cables, but there are times, where you just have a single location where this is not possible, so will use a set of these.